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101 Reasons Why People Come To Maple Leaf Chiropractic Clinic 
Other Than Their Aches and Pains


We asked our patients why they come to our office other than treatment for their aches and pains.  This is what they told us.  What additional benefits do you notice from your Chiropractic Adjustments?


Stress Management 

1. A few weeks after starting Chiropractic Care, my husband noticed I was happier and easier to be around. 

2. I sleep better. 
3. After an adjustment, my mind becomes clearer and my thinking is better. 
4. I release built-up stress when I am here. 
5. I have increased energy. 
6. My body feels stronger and energized. 
7. My mental stress has decreased and I feel more relaxed. 
8. I am able to cope with stress easier. 
9. Problems at home and at work do not affect me as much. 
10. I have better quality of sleep and I feel more rested when I wake up. 
11. I let go of the problems faster. 
12. I don't let other people get me upset like I used to. 
13. I have become more productive and efficient at work. I just had my best employee evaluation in 31 years. 
14. I am amazed how well I am handling the stresses in my life considering the major crises I have at home and at work. 
15. I'm not angry anymore. 
16. My anxiety level has been significantly reduced. 
17. I no longer need alcohol to remove my stress. I no longer need alcohol to reduce my pain. Thank you Dr. Campo! 
18.After work I feel a lot of tension in my body. When I come for an adjustment, I feel energy come through my body and the tension is released. 
19. After my adjustment my menstrual cramps dramatically reduced. 
20. Because of the treatments I receive on a regular basis, Dr. Campo has taught me to BREATHE AGAIN!



21. I am more energetic and productive.
22. I am more health conscious thus I am making healthier food choices. 
23. My immune system is improving. I get sick less often. When I get a cold, my recovery is much quicker.
24. I want to keep my nervous system working at it's best. 
25. My overall health has improved. 
26. I am losing weight. 
27. My allergies have gone away. 
28. My awareness of my health has improved. 
29. I receive good advise on holistic health. 
30. I want to prevent health problems before they start. 
31. My body is working better.
32. I feel great!! 
33. I feel more motivated at work. 
34. I have fewer cravings for sweets. 
35. I do not desire to eat meat as much. 
36. I quit drinking coffee. 
37. I am more productive, able to set higher goals. 
38. I am off my antidepressants, sleeping pills and pain killers and I am feeling great! 
39. My co-workers say I look more youthful! 
40. My acne went away. 
41. According to the personnel at the gym I look half my age. Thanks! 
42. Since I started care my grandson complimented on how well I can walk down the stairs. 
43. I quit smoking. 
44. After I entered level 2 of care I became a vegetarian. 
45. Dr. Campo's technique has spared my stomach from medication burnout (patient who was diagnosed with Hiatal Hernia) 
46.My digestion is much better. I no longer have to digest enzymes or other digestive support supplements. 
47. Two bowel movements a day without laxatives! Last time I was like this was when I was 20 years old. 
48. I feel completely at peace as a result of my adjustments. 
49. I feel totally balanced – body liquids flow easier and without interruptions and calm. 
50. Since my adjustment my overall health has improved during my pregnancy. 
51. My confidence level is higher. 
52. My energy level and self – esteem are beyond what I could have imagined. After my treatment I feel on top of the world. 
53. I no longer need to have surgery to have kids. 

Additional Physical Benefits 
54. My son's grades have improved. He is able to understand things more easily now. 
55. My 3 year old daughter started talking and responding like 3 year olds. Her development has continued to improve. 
56. I stopped having recurrent urinary tract infections. I used to take antibiotics monthly. I have not taken them since I started Chiropractic care. 
57. I no longer suffer from incontinence. 
58. My children have not had ear infections since we have been coming to be treated. 
59. I no longer get severe menstrual cramps. 
60. My son no longer wets the bed! 
61. I was on Thyroid medication for 9 years and was told I had to take it for the rest of my life. My last blood test showed that my thyroid was working better and my family doctor reduced my dose by 2/3. 
62. Since my children have been under Chiropractic care they have not had the need to take antibiotics (prior to starting Chiropractic care they were taking antibiotics monthly) 
63. I am more flexible. 
64. I have noticed that my athletic performance is improving. 
65. I am off my blood pressure medication. 
66. I'm hitting the golf ball further. My golf buddies use to hit the ball 10 to 15 yards further than me, now I'm hitting it 10 to 15 yards further than them.(Professional Golfer). 
67. Since coming to Dr. Campo's office I feel stronger, my form is better when I work out and I have more energy. 
68. Since starting care I noticed my endurance is better. 
69. My diction (speaking) is better. 

Spiritual Awakenings 
70. I am more trusting in life, I am living more in the present. 
71. I am more creative. 
72. I get a sense of peace and well being when I get treated. 
73. I feel more natural: more like the way I want to feel. 
74. I feel more conscious. I am enjoying life more. 
75. I am more in tune with myself. 
76. I feel connected spiritually. 
77. I feel God's love in a deeper way. 
78. I have a heightened awareness of my mind-body connection. 
79. I feel more love for people around me and for the world. 
80. I feel this immense sense of Love and healing. 
81. I learned how to not be afraid of what life may have in store for me. 

Emotional Healing 
82. I am happier. 
83. After every adjustment, I feel wonderful and worthy. 
84. I gained the confidence to stop taking my medication for depression. 
85. I don't yell at my kids like I use to and my daughter says, "my mom is nicer to me!" 
86. I am mentally able to let go of problems easier. 
87. My mind is more relaxed. 
88. I feel more balanced. 
89. I am less nervous. 
90. I am more confident about myself. 
91. I feel much more positive about life. 
92. I feel excited about the future. 
93. After being treated and taking Dr. Campo's nutritional advise, I am no longer having anxiety and panic attacks. 
94. Since I started having my spine adjusted it seems that most of the voices that talked in my head have taken a vacation. 
95. I am less shy. I find it easier to talk to people and be myself and not worry what others may think. 
96. Relief from emotional stress. 

The Office 
97. You have excellent staff. 
98. I feel cared about. 
99. The office has a welcoming atmosphere. 
100. I like what the doctor does. 
101. I am comfortable here. 

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