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Contest Rules:

  1. Sprint begins Monday January 2nd, 2017 and runs until Friday, December 29, 2017.

  2. To qualify for the sprint, start referring friends and family to the office.  Everyone begins at the base of the spine.

  3. For every patient referred your runner will move up 2 vertebrae on the spine. Your first referral moves you from the sacrum to L4.  For each indirect referral (i.e. a patient you referred refers another friend or family member) your runner will move up 1 vertebrae.  

  4. At the end of the contest period patients can trade their Chiro Points for the prizes below (no monetary value).


24points:   24 Adjustments

22 points: Custom Made Orthotics

20 points: 12 Adjustments

15 points: 6 Adjustments

10 points: 3 Adjustments

9 points: Obusforme Back Support

8 points: ½ Hour Emotional Balance

7 points: Foam Cervical Pillow

6 points: 2 Movie Tickets

5 points: 1 Adjustment

4 points: Inspirational Book

3 points: Coffee Mug

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