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The Benefits of Network Chiropractic Care

Network Chiropractic Care is not only for the alleviation of systems but it is a means of enhancing one’s overall health.  

In 1997, a study based on 2818 patients under Network Chiropractic Care revealed the following:

Benefits were evident from 1 to 3 months of care and showed continued clinical improvements with no indication of a maximum clinical benefit.  In the study, a percentage of individuals were under Network Care for over a 3 year period and they reported continued clinical benefits were steadily perceived in every index of health measured and no indication of a plateau effect was reported.  Individuals under long term care reported a significantly higher level of perceived health and wellness.  

Clinically during the first few months of care physiological and psychological changes have been observed, such as:

  • Improved range in motion and flexibility of the spine

  • Improved mood

  • Sense of relaxation

  • Greater capacity to cope with stress

Correction of the vertebral subluxation is a means of enhancing the body’s inherent adaptive abilities, thus improving overall health.

Individuals under Network Chiropractic Care become more health conscious.  Many patients report that substances and foods that they seemed to be addicted to such as fast food, coffee, chocolates and smoking suddenly became very distasteful and / or upset their system.  Others have claimed that their body starts to desire wholesome foods, and it has felt very natural to make healthier choices.   



Consult with Dr . Campo regarding our natural remedies for arthritis, allergies, viral and bacterial infections.

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